Oil painting “starry night”

Oil painting “starry night”, also known as the “Star” cypress and Van Gogh in Saint Remy painting academy, time is 1889 June. After the second collapse of the nerve in Van Gogh, he was admitted to the nursing home.. There, Van Gogh’s condition when HERSHEY’S bad, in a lucid and full of emotion, he kept painting.

“Starry night” is used in the oil painting color is blue and violet, also regularly beats star light yellow. Green and brown in the prospect of poplar trees, surrounded by means of the world in the night. Van Gogh inherited the great tradition of portrait painting, which was seldom seen in his generation of artists..

“Starry night” is a picture of both near and far scenery painting. This can be seen in the sixteenth century landscape painter Bruegel the elder high landscape practices, although more direct source of Van Gogh is some impressionist landscapes. Baiyang towering tall shuddered leisurely emerge in front of us; small village in the valley, under the protection of the church steeple Enron habitats; the universe all stars and planets revolve in “the last judgment” outbreaks. This is not the man, but the final judgment of the solar system.

In Van Gogh’s universe, “” forever in the starry night. This is an illusion, beyond the Byzantine or Roman artist in the Christian performance of the great mystery of any attempt to do. The stars of the outbreak of Van Gogh, and the close relationship between the time space exploration, than the era of the mysterious belief. This illusion, however, is caused by an accurate brush stroke of a time..

When we know the expressionism painting, we tend to think of it and courage brushwork together. It is imaginative, or like flame, that comes from intuition or spontaneity, and is not bound by the thought process or rigorous techniques of the reason.. Van Gogh’s painting is his supernatural, new in order to be different, or at least supersensuous experience. And this experience can be proved by a cautious stroke.. The strokes, just like the artist in the rack sth. accurately copy, he is watching the eyes of the things. In a sense, the reality is, because Van Gogh is a painting of the artist he sees, and he sees the illusion, and he is the illusion..

With that being said, let’s go stretch some canvas!

Not having been in the military, I really don’t know if one’s bed needs to be made so tightly and well that a quarter can be bounced atop it, but being married to a fine artist, Steve Henderson, I do know that a stretched canvas needs to be taut, but not too much so.

Stretching your own canvas is a step by step process that takes
thought, care, practice, and finesse, but it’s well worth learning
how to do.
Gathering Thoughts original oil painting by Steve Henderson, 36 x 30.

Getting it just right, as with any endeavor we undertake, involves time, practice, a bit of frustration, and a whole lot of perseverance. Steve, who has been building his own stretcher bar frames and stretching his own canvas for many, many years, has created a free video of the process, Stretching Canvas: The Tools, the Methods, the Know-How.

Some of you, I realize, may want to do just the canvas stretching part, purchasing pre-made stretcher bar frames from a quality art source, but it’s worth watching the process and getting a comprehensive feel for the structure that holds up your oil painting. You may surprise yourself, and find that you want to own the project, from start to finish!

With that being said, let’s go stretch some canvas!


China Wholesale Oil painting maintenance

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Oil painting installation

When installing the oil painting with an electric drill kick down the hole, if there is no expansion screws, be sure to into the hole play a small stakes before hit the nail. A painting need to add two Tuocai at the bottom can stabilize, don’t figure

Easy. The painting did not give gatto the best in 3 years to replace a lanyard.

Oil painting maintenance

One of the biggest advantages of oil painting is that it can be preserved for a long time.. Roll painting to make the canvas in the picture, a layer of paper roll out, outside, and then use plastic cloth, to prevent paint crack. For a long time

Picture the dirt, can brush gently brush off, also can use a soft damp cloth light scrub. Oil painting is insoluble in water, please rest assured that scrub. If there is oil or other material that is not easy to scrub, can be

To use a small amount of detergent or soap and water spirit try gently scrub, then use dry cloth to screen the water can drain. General oil painting can be saved for two hundred or three hundred years, but with the passage of time, some of the oil

Painting in the decades after it may crack. Such as maintenance can be saved for hundreds of years. If the painting is more, can make oil painting with plastic wrap, placed in the box, to prevent the mishap.